The credit for envisioning and opening of Aadhithya Group of Schools goes to Mrs. Shanthi Kirubakaran.

Her dream of starting this school was because of her thirst for quality education that gives the foundation for developing into responsible and independent individuals. These potential young minds can then be mentored to form a group of adorable intellectuals who could cater to create a better and a more peaceful world to live in.





Our Vision is to create dedicated and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. Aadhithya ensures this by providing enriching and supportive learning environment.


Our Mission is to enrich the child's mind with creative, academic, social and artistic skills. Also we empower our students to become responsible for creating a better world tomorrow. It also aims at hands on experience in listening, thinking, problem solving, sharing etc. which makes the learning for children enjoyable.

Our team

At Aadhithya, we aim at maintaining an effective student-teacher ratio to provide a great learning experience in each classroom. This also ensures a child-centric curriculum that nurtures each student’s potential. We have a team of dedicated teachers who are very much committed to the cause of imparting quality education to prepare children face the future world.

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